Lone Buffalo extends support for students beyond Phonsavan and our English Development Centre.  

We believe it is important to continue to monitor progress as students move away to attend university.  Lone Buffalo use private social media groups to link former students and share information on scholarships and work opportunities.  As the majority of its students study in the capital, Vientiane, it appointed former students as ‘ambassadors’ to assist newer students as they move to the city.
Lone Buffalo host quarterly meetings in Vientiane where former students exchange information and assist one another with any problems. During holiday times, former students return to its Centre to discuss their experiences with senior students. We also make introductions between students and prospective employers from the private sector.  Employers are keen to make connections with hard working, English speaking young people and these quarterly meetings create a perfect platform to meet potential employees. 

Some students are now employed for private events at the Crown Plaza hotel, and in July 2017, Mr Lue Yang became the first former student to pass his Degree (in Engineering) and has started a career as a radar technician.  He met his new boss at one of these meetings.