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​kop chai

Lone Buffalo receive regular funding from teaching local businesses, individual class supporters’ packages and small grants for specific projects. However, we also heavily rely on generous donations from individuals for project funding.
Lone Buffalo’s social enterprise programme provides English tuition for adult staff of local businesses, in turn contributing towards the funding of the community English programme for young people.

International NGO MAG (Mines Awareness Group) are one of these paying clients. In addition to teaching our adult staff, we reserve places for MAG workers children in our community classes.

The US Embassy helps fund our girls football coaching and film making projects.

National and International Travel companies involve themselves in Lone Buffalo through our Class Supporters Program.  Clients travelling with these companies are able to visit our English Development Centre, providing important exposure to native speakers and people from different parts of the world. 

Another valuable source of support is Panyathip International School in Vientiane, who support a community class. This creates possibilities for our students to engage in cross-school projects with their peers in the capital.

Lone Buffalo is extremely grateful for the support of International Mines Risk Education organisation Spirit of Soccer. SOS have provided FIFA coaching courses for 15 Lone Buffalo students and continue to support our student football coaching programme.

My Library in Luang Prabang has helped enormously with the development of Lone Buffalo’s student film making programme,        
providing comprehensive training in all aspects of film for Lone Buffalo students every summer.

Local bar and restaurant Bamboozle donate a percentage of their profits to Lone Buffalo, and along with Cranky T Café, sell our Lone Buffalo merchandise in Phonsavan.