2018 key objectives

  • Start new classes for as many young people as possible. More than 300 new students have registered for the 2017/8 term.

  • Provide employment and training for new local teachers during the current term

  • Continue to monitor and advise Lone Buffalo students as they progress through university, help them find part-time work, and create opportunities by introducing them to prospective employers.

  • Develop more opportunities for females by expanding the girls football coaching program into a bigger female development project, including health education, parent liaison and female student forums.

  • Assist (where necessary) with fees to help Lone Buffalo students finishing High School to find university or vocational placements.

  • Support Lone Buffalo Teacher Training workshops, continuing to develop the skills of community teachers.
  • Fund FIFA football coaching certificates for an additional three male and three female students.

  • Fund further film-making projects at Lone Buffalo for the Vientiane Short Film Festival and other International youth film events, raising awareness of social issues in Laos.

  • Provide funding for 2 more students to attend the summer film-making course in Luang Prabang.

  • Launch the Lone Buffalo Student Coffee Company.   

  • Develop an internship programme for post-graduate students to gain work experience.