Lone Buffalo is a registered UK charity ( charity registration number 1169163 ). 
Lone Buffalo’s board of Trustees is chaired by Jackie Thomas, a former Lone Buffalo volunteer teacher.  After volunteering in Laos during 2014, Jackie pledged her long-term commitment to assist Lone Buffalo from the UK.  Jackie has assembled a committed group of trustees and advisors, some of whom also have first-hand experience of the project.
The overriding legal duty of the charity trustees is to advance the purposes of Lone Buffalo and ensure that the charity is run in accordance with its governing document, charity law and all other laws and regulations that affect its activities.
In Laos Chief Operating Officer Mark Steadman, who co-founded Lone Buffalo in 2011, oversees all aspects of the project.   Mark, winner of the Wanderlust Tour Guide 2015, understands the country, community and culture through his tour work in Laos.   Mark first met Manophet ‘Lone Buffalo’ in 2007 and the two became friends.
Mark is assisted in Laos by Centre Director/Teacher Khammanh Sengthoummy and Deputy Director/Teacher Vang Lee (Steve), himself a former student of Teacher Manophet.
Lone Buffalo also have a number of volunteer professionals involved in the project who offer advice on accounting and financial affairs as well as business development.

2018 key objectives

  • Start new classes for as many young people as possible. More than 300 new students have registered for the 2017-18 term.
  • Provide employment and training for new local teachers during the current 2017-18 term.
  • Continue to monitor and advise Lone Buffalo students as they progress through university, help them find part time work, and create career opportunities by introducing them to prospective employers.
  • Expand current girls football coaching program into a female development project including female health education and forums.
  • Assist (where necessary) with fees to help Lone Buffalo students finishing High School to find university or vocational placements.
  • Support Lone Buffalo Teacher Training workshops, continuing to develop the skills of community teachers.
  • Provide 6 more students (3 male/3 female) with FIFA D Licence coaching certificates.
  • Fund further film-making projects at Lone Buffalo for the Vientiane Short Film Festival and other International youth film events.
  • Provide funding for 2 more students to attend the summer film making course in Luang Prabang.
  • Plan/ and launch the Lone Buffalo Student Coffee Company.  
Legal duties of the trustees

The trustees are responsible for the vision, mission and management of the charity. They are accountable if things go wrong. Although the governing document allows some tasks to be delegated, ultimate responsibility remains with trustees.
Day-to-day management and operations are delegated to staff and volunteers, however the board remains responsible for supervising the chief operating officer and ensuring that the organisation is being well managed and operating within agreed policies, the law and its budget.
Trustees protect the assets of the charity including investments, cash, intellectual property, staff and reputation.  They also ensure LB’s assets and resources are used only for the purposes of the charity and that LB is run in accordance with its governing document, charity law and all other laws and regulations that affect its activities.
The interests of the charity are paramount. Trustees do not allow their personal interests or views to override this: they exercise independent judgement.

  1. Mark Steadman - COO / Co-Founder
    Mark Steadman - COO / Co-Founder
  2. Jackie Thomas - Chair of Trustees
    Jackie Thomas - Chair of Trustees
  3. David Williams - Trustee
    David Williams - Trustee
  4. Andrew March - Trustee
    Andrew March - Trustee
  5. Gareth Carter - Co-Founder
    Gareth Carter - Co-Founder
  6. Khammanh - Director (Laos)
    Khammanh - Director (Laos)
  7. Steve - Director (Laos)
    Steve - Director (Laos)
  8. Jane
  9. Nick