The Lone Buffalo football coaching program for girls and boys promotes self-confidence, encourages team-building skills and highlights the importance of exercise and healthy living.

We provide structured weekend football coaching for our students.  The coaching team is made up of senior coaches assisted by student coaches who have successfully completed their FIFA certification. Lone Buffalo currently has two female coaches, although for many of the coaching routines boys and girls train together.

In 2014, three Lone Buffalo female players travelled to Brazil for FIFA’s Football for Hope Festival, a tournament that brings together young people from developing countries. The same year six of our girl footballers represented their province at the Lao National Games.

Succession planning is crucial to the development of the football program. It is important to have properly trained young student coaches constantly coming through our system to assist the senior coaches with the aim to develop 4-6 new student coaches every year.

Lone Buffalo is grateful for the support of International Unexploded Ordnance Awareness Organisation Spirit of Soccer and the US Embassy in Laos, who both actively support its football coaching program.