Lone Buffalo is proud to be challenging cultural stereotypes, especially when it comes to developing female students in rural Laos. Females are also involved both the running and the development of Lone Buffalo. 

Almost 50% of Lone Buffalo students are girls and they play an important role - both inside and outside of the classroom. Girls are elected as classroom representatives and librarians and often outdo their male peers when teachers hand out the monthly Student of the Month awards. Lone Buffalo currently has two FIFA approved female student football coaches and three female movie directors.

The Lone Buffalo Girls football coaching program began in 2012, and has helped develop confidence and teamwork skills among our young females. It is the only dedicated female football coaching program in the province and one of very few in Laos.  US Embassy support has been key to developing this program. 

In 2018 Lone Buffalo will expand its female development program and establish social media support groups for females.  We reach out to parents and underline the long-term family benefits of extending female study beyond high school.  We will also introduce female hygiene and dietary workshops, and train our senior girls to deliver these programs to our younger girls.

Watch Lone Buffalo's Girls football promo, produced by LB students.