Lone Buffalo is community English language project is based in Phonsavan, Xieng Khouang Province in North East Laos.

We provide free, structured English tuition for over 200 young people. The Xieng Khouang province is one of the most heavily bombed places in the world, a tragic and deadly legacy of the second Indochina war.

Most of our students come from relatively poor backgrounds but we believe that they should be given the same chance as others to benefit from the opportunities that will arise as Lao graduates from its least developed status. Most of our students parents are farmers – but they have similar ambitions to other young people for successful careers in business, arts and technology. Our aim is to help them achieve these aspirations. We teach five levels of English, from beginner to intermediate, using a combination of trained local teachers and qualified western volunteer teachers.

Our project started following the sudden, tragic death of an inspirational local man, Manophet Lone Buffalo . Manophet committed his life to helping others. Everyone who met him was touched by his dedication, generosity, selflessness and stamina.

At Lone Buffalo we use English to create a unique environment in which boys and girls from different ethnic backgrounds can study together, develop personal skills, build self-confidence and participate in our sport and creative skills programs. We also run teacher-training workshops that are open to the community s English teachers.

Why support Lone Buffalo?

  • We are one of very few projects in Laos providing free quality, structured English tuition.
  • Former Lone Buffalo students are now studying at universities in Laos, China, Korea and Vietnam.
  • Lone Buffalo extends our influence into the wider community by providing employment opportunities and training workshops for local teachers.
  • We incorporate Unexploded Ordnance (UX0) awareness programs in our English language curriculum, warning students about the dangers of UXO and involve them in UXO related projects.
  • Lone Buffalo’s football coaching programs for girls and boys promote self-confidence, encourage team-building skills and highlight the importance of exercise.  We train some of our our students to become coaches.
  • We encourage creativity through filmmaking workshops.  We have produced short films that have been premiered at the Lao National Film Festival and that have won student awards at international event.

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Why is English important in Laos?

Laos is currently classified by the UN as a Least Developed Country – alongside Angola and Somalia. The Lao Government want Laos to be a Developing Country by 2020.

The ASEAN nations signed a free trade agreement in 2015. English is the common language in this pan Asian community.

Laos is experiencing a cultural shift as the children of farmers have ambitions for careers in modern professions.
By teaching English Lone Buffalo gives young people from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to attend university and have the same career opportunities and aspirations as those from more privileged backgrounds.

English is my future....
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